[s-cars] Selling cars on list?

Bob DG bobs6 at msn.com
Tue Nov 18 07:57:55 EST 2003

I appreciate posting of the occasional RS6 or GT3, he was just doing us a
favor. Kicking someone off a list for something like that is a bit extreme.
It's not like he rolled a BMW or something INSANE like that.

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>Clayton et al,
>IMHO, if it can be bolted to, or if it has fallen off of a urS car...bring
>it on!  That's part of the benefit of being on the list.
>Plenty of guys post their need for parts here, so why shouldn't it work the
>other way.  That goes for whole cars as well as parts.  I've made several
>friends and established quite a few trusting relationships on this list, so
>what better place to offer the object of our common interest?  When I get
>sick of my Miss Piggy, this is the first place I'll put out the word that
>she's on the block.
>I agree with Charlie though, I don't want to hear about your friend that
>a Cosworth Vega for sale, no matter how nice it is!
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>Earlier, Clayton Howes wrote:
> >
> > I know we it was on the list some time ago, but I cannot remember what
> > decided upon for selling a car on the list.  My car will be on the
> > later this week and, if at all possible, I would like to post something
> > about it here on the list and see if anybody is interested.
> >
> > Only, of course, if that is premitted.  Just let me know what some of
> > are thinking on this subject...
>My vote is - it's OK if it's a UrS4/S6.  After all, that's
>what this list is all about.
>On the other hand, things like Porsche GT's ought to get somebody
>removed from the list.  I don't care how rare they are, this isn't
>the place for it.  That was just SPAM in my opinion.
>     - Charlie
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