[s-cars] A/C Compressor HELP !!!!

thomas.pollock at amd.com thomas.pollock at amd.com
Tue Nov 18 10:05:57 EST 2003

Hi guys...

I need someone to help bail me out AGAIN.... 8-)   Can someone give me a
quick dissertation on what a typical compressor failure looks/smells like ?

Recently the wifes car has come down with a noisy something or other.
Basically a whirring, ungreased bearing kind of noise towards the front of
the engine bay. Me thought it was either the hydraulic pump or maybe even
<shudder> the alternator...  Welp, yesterday she called to say smoke was
coming from the motor. When I got there I didn't't see smoke but I had an
awful smell similar to burning electricals. Alright, I'm leaning to the
alternator.  Since the car actually runs great, no lights flickering,
hydraulics all working fine, smooth as silk and PLENTY of power I decide I
don't want to be dealing with  transient failure so I go for "a ride".  By
the time I got home smoke is pouring from the engine bay. Specifically from
the A/C compressor.... <thud>.

Start the car and serpentine belt is slipping happily along the compressor
pulley, nothing is moving.  WTF?  Car has about 123k miles.

Ok, so here's my list of questions. Still can't believe an A/C compressor
can smell like burnt wires, or can it ? 8-)
Is the clutch assembly a replaceable unit ?  Whats the odds it's the clutch
? Who's got the best deals ? Anyone got any BTDTs ?

as always, much thanks in advance,

94 100csq in pieces in the garage in preparation of winter.
94 s4 hopefully with ONLY a bad A/C compressor
94 s4 RS getting driven waay too much lately
93 sable wagon the wife is beating instead of Audi

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