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Mike Platt mplatt911 at
Tue Nov 18 07:06:20 EST 2003

Now that I am almost fully recovered from doing the
clutch in May. Here is some things we found out during
the 3 day adventure. There is an excellent write up
somewhere on changing the clutch. I think Chad wrote
it. Let me know if you need it, and I'll try and email
it to you.

Keep the halfshafts in place and just disconnect them
from the tranny. Cover them in a baggy and get some
clothesline and hang them up and out of the way. I
find it is easier than removing the 150lb+ bolt and
pulling the CV out of the hub, my opinion.

You'll find this is one of the easier parts of the

I must send out thanks again to the S-car group who
came by to help me get this done, in my garage, on
jack stands. You know who you are!!

Mike P
95.5 S6 avant ( with new clutch still working after
15k miles )

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Paul.Park at Colorado.EDU writes:

> Anyways, when removing the transmission, do I have
to remove the
> driveshafts from the transmission, or where do I
disconnect the drive
> shafts at...the wheel side, or the transmission

Remove the half shafts completely.... the large nut on
the hub, and 6
square bolts at the trans output flange.  You will
have to turn the
wheels to
full lock to have the clearance needed to remove the
shafts once the
bolts are
removed.  You may want to remove your ABS sensors
prior to removing the
to avoid possible damage.
Have fun!
PS: If you don't own triple square drivers, you can
get them locally at

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