[s-cars] Running on 4 cylinders

serge serge411 at speakeasy.org
Tue Nov 18 12:48:39 EST 2003

Hi all,

Looking for some list wisdom here. Driving through Manhattan stop-and-go
traffic this morning, I begin to feel the car start to "miss" there is a
corresponding vibration at idle, as well as significant loss of power. Pull
over, get under the hood, start pulling injector wires. Pulling #2 has no
effect on the way the engine runs. Pulling any other injector wire causes
idle to become even rougher. AHA! Bad #2 cylinder. I need the car tomorrow
so I decide to call Bruno (mechanic) to see if he has the PSO or Coil pack
in stock, he does, I get an appointment, everything is great, I'm going to
get this fixed.

But, ohhh nooo, it can't just be that easy. On my way to Bruno's the car
starts running fine. Everything is smooth, and the power is back. I had
assumed that it was the PSO. But I was also considering the coil pack. What
I am trying to determine from the list is with all the PSO & coil pack
failures has anyone either come back to life, and if so how long till final
doom? Bruno is also trying to tell me it "may" have been just dirt in the
injector, but I am doubtful.

Patient is 95 avant w/ recent (7000 miles) RS2 mods including EM, Turbo,
Injectors, MAF, new O2, new spark plug connectors, 125,000 miles.

I have planned a lot of driving w/ my family in the next few weeks, and
would like to get this resolved. All BTDT as well as speculations are

Serge Filanovsky

95 S6 Avant

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