[s-cars] camber plates

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 14:39:40 EST 2003

Out of those three, the "better" ones might be the
2Bennett ones, but they're also more expensive.  From
what I hear, they offer a greater range of
adjustability than the ECS/ASW plates.

I had the ASW version on my car before I sold it and
they are basically prettier ECS/Igormod variants,
freshly painted black.

The ECS/ASW will work fine for a street car, but if
you need more camber adjustment, you might want to
fork over some cash to those boys on the wrong coast.

FWIW, with H&R V8 springs, I couldn't get better than
1.2neg camber on the right side, even with the ASW
plates.  But I deal with a lot of potholes.


--- Jerry Scott <jerryscott at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Would the list members relay any comments on the
> camber plates from ECS,($240), 2Bennett,($500) and
> Audi Sports Works,(price?) for lowering a 95.5 S6.
> Any feed back would be appreciated.
> Jerry
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