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Or, K26/#8, stage V turbine w/50 trim cold side.  More like $1200.

No smoke (knock on Zebrano), and very streetable below 4200rpm.  Indeed,
more streetable than RS2.  Above 4200rpm, and you're in for a surprise,
where things are NOT as streetable as the RS2.  Power is so strong that it
is difficult to modulate the boost at the track, but it sure is FAST.  26psi
on Uncle Bob's 370hp software.

Custom lines are not difficult once you have all the right goodies, and a
competent welder nearby.  Less than $200 in lines & fittings, and the end
result is as good as, if not better than, stock.

Ray Tomlinson

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The K24 Compressor does move more air SOONER, however the exhaust turbine
really limits how much air the K24 can pass.  It is a plug on the system.  I
bent and BROKE teeth off my K24 turbine wheel when the shaft noodled at 24
psi (in his defence, Pastore warned me).  You may want to read that again...

Anyway, my take on the turbo thing...

The K26 in stock trim (#6 turbine) will ultimately move more air, but you
are looking at a 4,000+ rpm spool-up.

There are some really great options available right now.  The stock RS2 is
great, IF YOU CAN GET ONE.  And they seem to be expensive ($2,000).  If you
are going hog-wild (full RS2 Spec, 26 PSI), some of the hybrids are great.

In no particular order

RS2 Comp - Really awesome, hard to get, very expensive.  I have never seen
one, but I have seen 3 that were claimed, and turned out to be modded K24's,
some with hammered turbines.

K26/6-K26 w/large compressor opening - What I have.  Innovative Turbo cuts
off the stock K26 compressor opening (44mmish), and attachs a K24 sized
compressor opening (48-50mmish), with attendant compressor to match.  Bolts
right in, $950 w/core.  Performance very similar to the RS2 Comp. above
except the K26 compressor housing is larger, so the density is better
(density = more power).  26 PSI at 3,400 (3rd gear), very linear, boost
starts around 2,600.

K26/6-K27 If you have a love of above 4,000 rpm boost level, this guy is
great.  Not sure if it bolts right in however, the compressor inlet looks
too big for the stock hose.

K26/Garrett Hybrid.  Similar to the K26/6-K27, except the boost thresholds
are much lower, more in line with the Innovative K26/K26 hybrid described
above.  Great turbo (probably the best) for just balls out performance.  In
the $900 - $1,000 range.  The 2 reasons I didn't go for one of the Garretts
are the mechanical incompatibility (oil and water lines, and intake hoses,
which seem to add $300-$400), and they seem to have a less than 40,000 mile
lifespan, based on user comments.  And some of them smoke like chimney's.

Gary Lewis

1995.5 S6 Avant, Green/Ecru, RS2 MAF, RS2 Exhaust Manifold, RS2 Injectors,
Custom Turbo (K26 Turbine, Factory K26 Cold side (Audi Works '999' P/N) with
50mm intake and custom Innovative Turbo compressor wheel), Bilsteins,
Eibachs, Big Reds.

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> yeah it'll bolt up just fine.
> Longer spool-up times will be yours.
> Not sure 100%, but I thought that the K24 compressor moved
> more air also.
> I have driven an S6 with a K26 from an MC motor (I think),
> and I will keep
> my K24.
> Is your broke ?
> Give Carl a call at ADP in Markham, they can either fix yours
> or get you the
> parts to do it yourself.
> They also carry many other turbo's K27's, all garrets and even (still
> waiting the part numbers) the RS2 turbo's
> Mark S
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> > Hi  there
> >
> > Do you know if a kkk 26 bolts up to where the kkk 24 was on
> a 93 S4?  And
> if
> > so has anybody done it?  What are the pros and cons.
> >
> > Any feedback would be appreciated.
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Lino
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