[s-cars] I need a rear caliper, any of you have one? And what other Audis use the same rear brakes?

Dan Bozga audisport44 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 20 17:17:05 EST 2003

I need a right rear brake caliper for my 93 S4. I'm trying to figure out what other Audi models used the same rear brakes. I guess the 100/A6 ,  200's and especially the 20 valve version plus the V8 and maybe even the 5000's used the same rear brakes. Can someone let me know what models work for sure and also if any of you happen to have a caliper for sale. I need the caliper only, no carrier or pads. Just for reference, I sold my complete calipers/carriers/pads/lines/mounting hardware for both rear sides for $100 from this 200 20V I used to have. They were all in very good, clean, non-corroded, non sticky condition.  Now I wish I still had them :(
Thanks in advance
Dan C. B.

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