[s-cars] ACNA Nationals

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Thu Nov 20 21:59:21 EST 2003


Well, everything is OK out here on the west coast. Brian Billotti has been an 
excellent host. I've had the pleasure of meeting the father/son team of Frank 
and Tomas Kasan of European Automotive in Walnut Creek, Trevor Frank, Javad 
Shadzi, Elijah and Rachel Allen and reaquainting with Christopher Leal. Plus, 
I've met a bunch of very nice folks from off the list. This event is being held 
in Sonoma CA and we're running at Sears Point. 

Here are a few quick observations. The only people complaining about the 
handling of their urS-cars are those without the HRSB. Come on Christopher get 
that thing installed!! The BRRBS has been flawless. There has not been a hint of 
twitchiness or anything close to end swapping. My suspension could be stiffer 
but I haven't had any problems with this very technical and challenging track. 
The power and boost threshold at sea level is AWESOME. Brian and I have been 
running 100 octane and the results are spectacular. There are 2 RS6s in my run 
group and they both have to let me pass. I don't just pull them a little, I 
eat them up. The only car staying with me is a highly modded urQ with an AAN 20 
valve and full cage. I can pull him on the straights but he has me in the 
turns. A lot of people have been blown away with my FMIC, polished engine, and 
overall clean car. Trevor Frank just keeps on drooling. Well guys, its off to 
the banquet and a more detailed report to follow.

Hap, away from Everboost and feelin the threshold on the left coast, Maguire

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