[s-cars] Two Challenges Today

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu Nov 20 23:19:49 EST 2003

Thought I'd share this with the list as my wife is not listening :)

Challenge No. 1: An Audi A6 4.2 pull onto the freeway about 5 cars ahead
and he is travelling fast jockeying for position. I catch up in traffic
and sit on his tail, we are doing 120 km/hr. He gives her and I follow,
at about 150 km/hr, I catch him and pass and start to pull away. After
after 180 km/hr I'm about 5-10 car lengths ahead. We slow back down to
110 km/hr in traffic. The right lane opens up and he tries to pass me on
the right, but I pull out and show him my tail again. He exits the
freeway shortly after. Not bad considering he has 300 HP. S6 -1, A6 - 0.

Challenge No. 2: At a stoplight, a BMW 540i E39 pull up next to me, it
black and has chromed aftermarket wheels. Middle aged guy in a suit is
driving. I thought he might go, so I pull away smartly, but not
aggressively. He boots it and I follow. We were neck and neck up to 3rd
gear where I ran out of room after catching a car in my lane. I'm pretty
sure his was an automatic as he would pull maybe a foot or two ahead of
me everytime I shifted and I'd catch back up. Not bad considering his
282 HP. BMW vs Audi = tie. 

I guess the MTM 1+ really is making 280 HP, especially considering
today's temperature (2 celcius and 80% RH)

1997 Audi S6 - MTM Stage 1+
1990 Audi 90Q20V

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