[s-cars] Question About Chip Options

David Greaves da5150_2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 21 17:18:50 EST 2003


I am thinking about buying a chip upgrade, b/c as a
former 98 Vette driver, I miss a 100+mph quarter mile
car bottom line, plus I would like to minimize some of
the power lulls I have found with my 94 S-4.

I see that there is Superchips, MTM, and TAP.  I
notice that TAP is significantly less expensive. 
Whats the difference? And when considering the bang
for the buck aspect, (Id rather not spend a ton of
money) which is the better route to go? I have read, I
believe from the UrS4 site, that the TAP renders less
horsepower, but still brings on gobs of torque at
boost.  Furthermore, does anyone have any  sense of
the 0 to 60 times I can see using the respective chips
above and with K and N filter on each one?

Finally, what are the real concerns in terms of car
wear when chipping the s-4?  I dont want to replace a
tranny because of this! 

thanks for all the help you can offer

David Greaves
Atlanta, GA
1994 Pearl s-4 w/83,000 miles.

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