[s-cars] running rich, failed smog

David Giannandrea giannandrea at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 22 23:02:00 EST 2003

( also posted on the biturbo S4 list...by mistake )

I just got back from the smog station, the owner said he stopped testing
before he even started because the car was running about 10 times too high
on something.  He indicated that it was running too rich.

But the car runs perfectly to me, still gets 23 mpg as it has for the last 4
        Spark plugs replaced about 50k ago,
        O2 Sensor about 60k ago,
        MAF about 80k ago.

No Check Engine light except for an occasional blink when going down long
grades and off the gas.

Don't have a clue except that the temperature guage seems to take a long
time to get 'normalized'. I'll have hot air in the cabin way before the
needle starts to move.

Car is going to my mechanic (not dealer) Monday. Any suggestions ?

1993 S4, 180000 miles relatively trouble free

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