[s-cars] Transmision parts flywheels

Tim Leonard nard1 at voyager.net
Sun Nov 23 20:52:44 EST 2003

GOOD USED is ok. Although for synchronizers I will opt for new. I was
looking for a source of the OEM internals other than dealer. I know of many
parts on Audi's that are available from aftermarket suppliers that are made
by the OEM supplier, this is what I meant but obviously was not clear.
Besides all synchro's I need 01E 311 239 H 1,2 synchro hub, which originally
was 01E 311 255C as stamped on the 1,2 synchro hub in the trans. FA also
says 01E 311 239E can be used. Also need
01E 311 529A reverse gear and synchro, 016 311 839D. Problem with the trans
was difficult/stiff shifting. First gear is fine. Synchro hub and rev gear
have the points knocked off their teeth. They may be fine to use but as long
as I'm here I felt I may as well replace if not too pricey. Any advice? I
know you have researched these trans extensively. Have you actually torn
down too? The clutch and pressure plate have already been purchased. "Stock"
Sachs kit. I want a flywheel these parts will bolt up to without spending
for the OEM dual mass @ $810. Perhaps I should be asking for a good used
dual mass? This one will rotate as measured at the outside edge approx 1"
before becoming "one". Where do the transmission rebuilders (assuming there
is such a person/business) source their parts needs? The dealer? I doubt it.

> Earlier, Tim Leonard wrote:
> >
> > I am looking for aftermarket 01E transmission internals and a flywheel
for a
> > '92 S4. Anyone?
> I have never heard of anyone making "aftermarket" 01E transmission
> internals.  Now, there's several options on flywheels and clutches
> but I can't lay them out for you.  Son\mebody else needs to say
> stuff on this one.
> Now USED 01E internals, that you can find.  What do you need?
>     - Charlie

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