[s-cars] NAC: History of Hakkapeliitta (Was Nokian Hakkapallita source in Wisconsin)

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Mon Nov 24 04:34:13 EST 2003

Did you know that "Hakkapeliitta" were Finnish cavalry that fought as
part of Gustav II Adolf's, king of sweden, troop in Germany in 17th
century. Name Hakkapeliitta was given them because these fearless
sodiers made raging attack from first line of right flank shouting
their war cry "Hakkaa päälle".

They were so successfull and devastating that enemy started to call
them "hakkapelittas", cause the war cry sounded like "hakka peli" to

Well, what does then this name of winter tires mean? Literally it is
hakkaa = chop, beat, smash, mince  päälle = to run over. Freely
translated it could mean: Mince through them, or Run over them!

Please don't shout that when driving :o)


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