[s-cars] radiator woes >>> used radiator likely needed in CT

Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Mon Nov 24 09:17:49 EST 2003

Fine TurkeyWeek morning to you-

Confirmed this weekend I've got a puncture in the center of my radiator,
likely caused by the monkey that did my Tbelt the day I purchased the car.

Question:  are these units reparable?  I believe it's got plastic end caps,
typically they are not.  How about just soldering (er, or whatever they do)
the offending tube?  If not, anyone here got a spare laying around???  I
gotta believe this sucker's > $300-400.  F me if that's the case.  And I
doubt putting a new one in will make the car any faster... 8-).

Any removal / install tips (aside from being bent over from the above
raping?)???  Hopefully the BatSignal in the subject line nets me something


'95 //S6 fast but leaky

P.S.  I get the list in digest version, er, well, I used to.... nothing
since mid week last week.  Bueller???

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