[s-cars] RE: Hakkas vs Blizzaks --- how do they compare?

Tom Vandervoort tvandervoort at msn.com
Mon Nov 24 17:20:25 EST 2003

I'd go with the Hakkas.  I'm biased due to great performance from my Hakka
NRW's on the S2.  The 200 Avant has Blizzaks that drive like squeegees in
comparison and will go to Hakkas soon.  Check out Hap MaGuire's positive
comments about the new WR Hakkas that he just got great performance out of
on his near-blizard trip back through Wyoming to Colorado from the Audi Club
Nationals (where, by the way both his maxed-out turbo'd S-Car and my newly
engined turbo'd S2 really hauled in the 40-50 degree Fahrenheit weather.
What a track!


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Looks like it's time to replace a set of Blizzaks.

I don't want to open too big of a can of worms here (I won't even
mention belly pans or cupholders), but I am hoping for some input on
Blizzaks vs Hakkas.

I know several people that swear by their blizzaks and have talked with
a few that swear by the Hakkas, what I don't know is how do these tires

FYI I own two 93 S4's, both have Blizzaks with one needing new snow
tires. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and run 15 inch steel rims in the
winter. I am looking for winter traction, not concerned with the dry
performance as much.


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