[s-cars] Troubleshooting suggestions?

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Mon Nov 24 17:54:03 EST 2003

Agree, I had the same symptoms when I bought my '92 S4, new O2 sensor
cleared it up and it ran like a bear after that!  Get the aftermarket
Bosch sensor (not the OEM), it's exactly the same thing except it
doesn't have the connector -- much cheaper.  If the fuel filter hasn't
been replaced for a while, do that while you're it, cheap insurance for
plugged fuel injectors.  

-- Rich A.
   '92 & '93 S4

PS  There's a VW/Audi tool to remove the O2 sensor, makes it easier
(12-point socket with offset drive).  It might need a lot of torque to
get it to move if it's never been replaced before.

>Don't forget your O2 sensor.  You have the classic symptoms of a failed
O2 sensor.  Has it ever been replaced?  If not at >96k it's definitely
time anyway.

>>For the first time in 16K miles of ownership, my '95.5 S6 is
encountering a 
>>bit of a problem. (95.5 S6, 96K miles, no significant engine mods)

>>Starting about a month ago, I noticed that the motor was hesitating a
>>under load at lower RPMs (~1600-2000).  More recently, under full
>>accelleration I've noticed the motor isn't running optimally.  The S6
will be 
>>accellerating fine, just up to the point where it would usually engage
>>last wonderful rush of power, and like someone flicked a switch, the
>>decreases and the exhaust note and vibration level becomes noticably
>>This error condition goes away just as abrubtly if I let off the
throttle a 

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