[s-cars] CV joint boot done

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 06:06:21 EST 2003

thanks to everybody who offered suggestions.

it wasn't easy, mainly because i wasted time struggling with the
balljoint.  i noticed that the balljoint boot was torn, so i decided
to separate it from the spindle, thinking that would make the CV boot
replacement easier.  well, i never did get the balljoint out.  it
didn't help that the control arm and antiroll bar were trying to push
the balljoint back in as i tried to pry it out.

i couldn't find my pickle fork, so i tried to use a really big screwdriver.
didn't work.  what did you guys use?  somebody mentioned using a mallet
on the control arm.  i can't see how he had any room to swing the mallet,
and i can't see how he kept the balljoint from going right back in.

i also ran into a snag when the axle bolt failed to remove the CV joint
despite being threaded all the way in (and it had threads along its entire
length).  the replacement bolt was the same length.  after trying to
pull it off by hand, i used a dead blow hammer to pound the CV joint off.
i also ran into problems trying to reinstall the CV joint on the halfshaft,
using a plastic hammer as recommended by bentley.  after wasting 5-10
minutes and getting nowhere, i reached for the 24 oz. hammer and immediately
got the CV joint back on.

after this evening, i now realize that $130 would have been worth it to
have the mechanic do the job.  it was a messy and not particularly fun 
task.  that being said, i could probably do the passenger side CV boot
much faster.  i have another new CV boot.  the passenger side CV boot
looks OK.  should i replace it now, or wait?
i have to do something about the balljoint boot.  are replacement boots
easy to find?  are the balljoints replaceable?


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