[s-cars] Upper Strut Mount FAILURE!!!!! - Update Part II

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at mci.com
Tue Nov 25 07:51:10 EST 2003


Finally got to disassembling and having a real close look at the strut mount
assembly.  Well, contrary to a previous post of mine, the large concave
washer IS NOT/WAS NOT in place.  From my earlier cursory look I confused the
convex top of the bilstein strut as being the washer.  Being extremely
paranoid at this point I checked the other side mount/strut assembly and the
washer is absent from the driver's side as well.  I was hopping mad last
night cussing about to anybody who made the mistake of calling/dropping in.

I will be ordering new washers today and will be visiting the shop that
buggered this job on Monday.  Pending the resolution they will either
receive kudos on this list for rectifying their mistake or something a tad
less glowing.

Best regards,

Mark Pollan

P.S.  I do feel a little better knowing it was not a deficient mount but
rather deficient service.

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