[s-cars] My new car

Kevin Day kday at ultrameta.org
Tue Nov 25 09:01:03 EST 2003

Hello all,

Two months ago a bunch of you were very helpful answering questions when I 
first started looking at S-cars.  Last Friday I took delivery of a green/black
'94, with 91K on the clock.  Finally!

This car looks great, but is suffering from a bit of deferred maintenance, and
unfortunately I only have records going back to 69K.  So I made an appointment
to have the timing belt and water pump done by Central Service in Natick 
(thanks for the recommendation, Lee) in two weeks.  Hopefully this is
redundant and it was done before 69K, but I don't know.

I am driving it gingerly until the t-belt appointment.  I probably should avoid driving it entirely, but really can't help myself.

This weekend I plan on changing the following:
- O2 sensor
- Thermostat
- Fuel filter
- Air filter
- Hydraulic fluid (following procedure on SJM Autotechnik site)
- P/S filter (?? if necessary -- bought one just in case)

Those parts and a Bentley CDROM should be arriving shortly.  If any of these
seemingly simple tasks aren't so on this complicated machine, please advise.

In the near future I would like to take a look at:
- Instrument panel bulb replacement
- Center switches bulb replacement
- Radio antenna repair/replacement
- Stereo upgrade (Empeg head unit, new speakers)

Info on those would be appreciated.  Does anyone have a list of bulb part
numbers so I could order them before disassembly?  I have read about the 
2 watt bulb upgrade -- is there any reason not to do this?  

The radio antenna appears to be unobtanium.  But I'm sure mine is not the first
to fail.  What have other people done with their stuck antennas?  Will a
generic power antenna fit?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Ray T. generously offered to let me drive his souped-up S4 so I could
know what a fully sorted car drove like.  I'm glad I haven't taken him up
on his offer yet -- my totally stock less-than-fully-sorted car still feels
like a hell of a car!

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