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My .02
congratulations! don't drive like me - but don't bother babying it - it wants to go and the probability of throwing a t-belt in just these next 2 weeks is prolly small.
don't drive Ray's car! (you know why).
generic O2 is about $35-40 -splice.
86 degree t-stat.
I prefer paper air filter.
methinks antenna without motor is dealer available less than $60, I need one as well.
I'm guessing you're gonna change the oil as well - struggle with it once, get a Fumoto valve, install and change oil in 15 minutes every time therafter.
let me know where you get the 2 watt bulbs.

Doug L
94 S4 (in the shop)
> Hello all,
> Two months ago a bunch of you were very helpful answering questions when I 
> first started looking at S-cars.  Last Friday I took delivery of a green/black
> '94, with 91K on the clock.  Finally!
> This car looks great, but is suffering from a bit of deferred maintenance, and
> unfortunately I only have records going back to 69K.  So I made an appointment
> to have the timing belt and water pump done by Central Service in Natick 
> (thanks for the recommendation, Lee) in two weeks.  Hopefully this is
> redundant and it was done before 69K, but I don't know.
> I am driving it gingerly until the t-belt appointment.  I probably should avoid 
> driving it entirely, but really can't help myself.
> This weekend I plan on changing the following:
> - O2 sensor
> - Thermostat
> - Fuel filter
> - Air filter
> - Hydraulic fluid (following procedure on SJM Autotechnik site)
> - P/S filter (?? if necessary -- bought one just in case)
> Those parts and a Bentley CDROM should be arriving shortly.  If any of these
> seemingly simple tasks aren't so on this complicated machine, please advise.
> In the near future I would like to take a look at:
> - Instrument panel bulb replacement
> - Center switches bulb replacement
> - Radio antenna repair/replacement
> - Stereo upgrade (Empeg head unit, new speakers)
> Info on those would be appreciated.  Does anyone have a list of bulb part
> numbers so I could order them before disassembly?  I have read about the 
> 2 watt bulb upgrade -- is there any reason not to do this?  
> The radio antenna appears to be unobtanium.  But I'm sure mine is not the first
> to fail.  What have other people done with their stuck antennas?  Will a
> generic power antenna fit?
> Thanks in advance.
> -Kevin
> P.S. Ray T. generously offered to let me drive his souped-up S4 so I could
> know what a fully sorted car drove like.  I'm glad I haven't taken him up
> on his offer yet -- my totally stock less-than-fully-sorted car still feels
> like a hell of a car!
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