[s-cars] CV joint boot done

motogo1 motogo1 at cox.net
Tue Nov 25 09:30:10 EST 2003

I think the best way to do it is to remove the sway bar U clamp and bushing
on the side you are doing, then use a long pry bar between the sway bar and
the subframe to push down and remove the ball joint. Helps to have a helper
when doing this.
I think the dealer has boots for the ball joint.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> thanks to everybody who offered suggestions.
> it wasn't easy, mainly because i wasted time struggling with the
> balljoint.  i noticed that the balljoint boot was torn, so i decided
> to separate it from the spindle, thinking that would make the CV boot
> replacement easier.  well, i never did get the balljoint out.  it
> didn't help that the control arm and antiroll bar were trying to push
> the balljoint back in as i tried to pry it out.
> i couldn't find my pickle fork, so i tried to use a really big
> didn't work.  what did you guys use?  somebody mentioned using a mallet
> on the control arm.  i can't see how he had any room to swing the mallet,
> and i can't see how he kept the balljoint from going right back in.

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