[s-cars] Upper Strut Mount FAILURE!!!!! - Update Part II - Part Number needed please

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Tue Nov 25 13:05:38 EST 2003

The "Retainer" part number you listed looks like the right one from my view 
through the Russian on-line ETKA.


> Yeah, I feel like I've been bent over.  Question for anybody that can
> assist.  I have looked in both the Russian parts fiche and the Bentley, and
> am having difficulty identifying the missing part.  It appears that in the
> Bentley it is referred to as "Cover".  In the parts fiche as "Retainer" part
> number 4A0 412 339 A.  Can anybody confirm?
> Regards,
> Mark
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> Thanks for the update Mark.  I've seen a lot of mangled cars, but the
> failure
> of that mount in an S car IMO would take a crash, offroad fly, or break
> something else in concert.  Not that the lack of the washer should make you
> feel
> better about the "service" you recieved.
> SJ
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> All:
> Finally got to disassembling and having a real close look at the strut mount
> assembly.  Well, contrary to a previous post of mine, the large concave
> washer IS NOT/WAS NOT in place.  From my earlier cursory look I confused the
> convex top of the bilstein strut as being the washer.  Being extremely
> paranoid at this point I checked the other side mount/strut assembly and the
> washer is absent from the driver's side as well.  I was hopping mad last
> night cussing about to anybody who made the mistake of calling/dropping in.
> I will be ordering new washers today and will be visiting the shop that
> buggered this job on Monday.  Pending the resolution they will either
> receive kudos on this list for rectifying their mistake or something a tad
> less glowing.
> Best regards,
> Mark Pollan
> P.S.  I do feel a little better knowing it was not a deficient mount but
> rather deficient service.
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