[s-cars] silver paint

Igor Kessel igor at s-cars.org
Tue Nov 25 19:56:24 EST 2003

Olek wrote:
> First - about clay. Fact 1 - yes, clay do contain abrasives. Fact 2 - they are very fine
> abrasives, not like a sandpaper, more like a very fine polish, like SMR ( 3m swirl mark
> remover). Clay is removing contaminants from the paint (including overspray) not because
> of its abrasiveness (it just help a little) but because of it stickiness. Said that I must
> still agree that claying is slightly dangerous procedure and I would not reccomend it to
> everybody. Dirt particles that are accumulating on clay ARE scratching your paint to some
> extent. I never was able to be done with claying and have perfect finish - some light
> polishing is always in order. Said that claying is the only way I know to remove that
> nasty buildup of embedded contaminants that is going to appear on a daily driver no matter
> what. Is that removal nessesarry? Who knows ....

Olek, I've done exactly that, with some astonishing results. I was 
trying to remove the tiny embedded dirt nad tar particles from my both 
perl white cars before giving them a pre-winter coat ov 3M wax. Nothing 
seemed to work. Even the paint prep solvent. I am not even talking about 
the petrolleum distillat based tar removers. And then I recalled your 
post about the clay... Awesome.

Now the A4 doesn't want to start, after having been washed and not 
started for 3 days. Damn condensation. But that's for another list.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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