[s-cars] Ignition Switch and Radio Power

Robert Welch Robert.Welch at TechnologyCrafters.com
Tue Nov 25 21:54:32 EST 2003

Thanks for confirming my opinions.

Your question about the door chime is the only clue I've been able to find.

NO- the door chime no longer works.  So, is it somehow possible that a
common cause could deactivate the door chime as well as disabling the
'automatic shutoff" of the radio power? 

Robert W

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> The radio is not supposed to power down with the rest of the car.
> Perhaps it was an odd side-effect of the broken switch?  Or some custom
> wiring that got bumped?

The 95.5s were wired to the ignition switch, or rather the ignition key.
When you shut off the ignition the radio stays on but as soon as you remove
the key it will shut off.  There is a circuit that is mechanically
interrupted when the key is removed.  So, I'm assuming that Robert has a
95.5 if his radio used to stay on.  It's possible that when the switch was
replaced something got screwed up in the wiring harness.

Robert - Does the door chime still work with the key in and ignition off?  I
believe this is controlled by the same circuit.


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