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Tim asked:

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 21:28:10 -0500
From: "Tim Leonard" <nard1 at voyager.net>
Subject: [s-cars] Dual Mass flywheel
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I've made many calls. It appears the ONLY choice for a flywheel is a stock
dual mass from the dealer at $800+. For some reason I am convinced there are
alternatives but none are forthcoming. I'm doing some repair to a '92 S4
trans and replacing the clutch/pressure plate while I'm in there. The dual
mass rotates quite freely approx 1" so I think it should be replaced "while
I'm in there". I've seen GP's for aluminum on this list long ago. Fidanza in
OH will make me 10 nice lightweights. Anyone have a good used dual mass
Does anyone on this list know of alternatives and sources of supply?
Tim Leonard


Northern European Automotive in NH sells the aluminum ones as well, 11.25
lbs.  Forget how much, likely close to the $800 you mention.  Note:
aluminum flywheel will clatter at idle in neutral with clutch out, and under
bogged load while driving.  Is it worth the ohmygodcool spool up???  You

Good luck, YMMV, etc.

'95 //S6 with flywheel diacritic

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