[s-cars] fans, steering, and fluff

Kevin Day kday at ultrameta.org
Wed Nov 26 13:38:12 EST 2003

On day 6 of S4 ownership, I have lots of questions for you guys.  Here
are a few.

Serious technical questions:

If the engine fan is spinning when the engine is first started up in the
morning, after sitting all night in <40F temperature, does this indicate
a probable or certain failed viscous fan coupling?

Clunking when steering at low speed and sharp radius -- I haven't
checked the P/S fluid reservior (since I don't have any fluid yet), so 
hopefully it's that simple, but probably not, right?

How much fluid does the P/S system hold?  I ordered 2 litres, I hope
that is enough to flush it.  (That's some expensive oil.  Sheesh.)

Fluff questions:

Has anyone found a good cup holder?  The ones in the center console look
pretty useless.  The "Ultimate Cupholder" from 
http://www.ultimatecupholders.com/ looks good.

In a similar vein, has anyone done anything useful with the armrest/phone 
aside from making the occasional phone call?  I already have a phone, 
so the car phone is just taking up space as far as I'm concerned.  
What about integrating a car mount for a new phone with the existing 
handsfree wiring?

The auto-dimming rear-view mirror with compass described at audiworld 
(http://www.audiworld.com/tech/int36.shtml) is really cool.  Has anyone 
retrofitted this to an ur-S? I guess wiring it would be a pain in the


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