[s-cars] Ignition Switch and Radio Power

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Wed Nov 26 18:31:36 EST 2003


I've been thinking it over a bit and I may be leading you a slight bit
astray.  That part that bothers me is that both the radio and the door chime
are powered with the key in.  So, if you get power for the radio (the
problem you mentioned is that it doesn't shut off) then you should also be
getting power to the door chime.  I'm wondering if the problem is something
more simple, like the electrical half of the ignition switch is just not
pushed in all the way.   Don't know if that is possible and still be able to
engage the electrical half of the switch to start the car, but in any case
try this.  Push in on the ignition switch.  It will move about 1/2".  Does
your door chime work now?

The other possibility is a problem with the mechanical half of the switch.
When you initially pull out the key do you hear/feel a mechanism snap shut,
for lack of a better term?  It won't do it if you try and reinsert the key
unless you first turn the ignition over to the run position and then go

Anybody else have any other thoughts?


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> Yes.  I believe the two are fed from the same power lead at the back of
> the ignition switch.  What may have happened is that when the switch was
> replaced the harness connector was damaged or the wire was inadvertently
> pulled out.  Look for a small red wire (this will mean taking the
> instrument cluster out so you can get to the switch and harness) on
> terminal 86S.  I believe this is the one that powers the radio and the
> central locking system/door chime.  Make sure all the connections at the
> back of the switch are sound.
> Bob
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> > Bob,
> > Thanks for confirming my opinions.
> >
> > Your question about the door chime is the only clue I've been
> > able to find.
> >
> >
> > NO- the door chime no longer works.  So, is it somehow possible that a
> > common cause could deactivate the door chime as well as disabling the
> > 'automatic shutoff" of the radio power?
> >
> > Robert W
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