[s-cars] Fan viscous clutch died today

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Wed Nov 26 19:03:07 EST 2003

Vincent Frégeac said:

> Hi all,
> The fan viscous clutch died today. Fan is running all the time. So, it
> raises a few questions:
> -        Is it a repair or replace item?
> -        What is the PITA factor?
> -        Is it easy to find besides dealers?
> -        Is it shared by other model?
> -        Is it a common failure aka is it worth buying a used one?
> Thanks for your usual wisdom,

And Kevin Day added:

> If the engine fan is spinning when the engine is first started up in the
> morning, after sitting all night in <40F temperature, does this indicate
> a probable or certain failed viscous fan coupling?

I believe the fan will run all the time.  However, if you look carefully you
will note that it is running in the opposite direction of engine rotation.
So, it's not really engaged as much as it is counter-reacting to the drive
pully rotation.  It can be stopped by applying slight pressure on the
outside ring with with your fingers, or maybe something more expendable if
you're the careless type (Don't try this at home kiddies).  At least mine
does.  Once it heats up and locks on then it should rotate with the engine
and pull air through the radiator.


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