[s-cars] urS4 vs Volvo S60R test drives ?

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Nov 26 19:12:03 EST 2003

Joe writes:
> Has anyone driven one lately?  The car looks like a possible replacement
> for my 1993 S4 but dealers are very stingy with test drives.
> Joe

Joe, I'm a Volvophile from way back...owned 12 or so over the years, mostly
P1800s, 240GTs, 700 series turbo cars, a couple of 145 wagons, a 122S and
who knows what else.

I also sold Volvos two years ago and spent more than my fair share of time
at the seat of most of the late model cars.

The only car I liked was the S80. A big sedan, but it had some character.
The S60 is a smaller car, no back seat room at all and totally devoid of
characters. The R wasn't out yet, but there isn't much different between the
base car and the R model (aside from the go fast bits).

You could do better elsewhere.

Personally, if I were looking for a new car, I'd go with an A6 2.7t or a
slightly used A8. I'd probably even consider a 4Matic before I went back to
Volvo. Just too cold inside.

But then again, my idea of a lovely (non high performance) vehicle is a MB
280 SEL 6.3. :)

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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