[s-cars] 2069 tool for front strut replacment

Edward Estabrook eestabrook at syntheticnets.com
Fri Nov 28 19:18:13 EST 2003

Trying to put in Bilstein Sports in place of my stock struts.  Can NOT seem
to cheat off the threaded nut that holds the strut on (between the springs).
Been attempting with a pipe wrench.  Anyone on the list in the New England
area that could loan me the 2069 tool.  Or someone in US who could loan it
to me via mail?  Or any idea where I can buy / rent one (though I'm loathe
to buy a tool I will use exactly once)?  Also, there seems to be two sizes,
a 28mm and a 33mm version.  Which do I need for a 95 s6?  And of course any
advice as to how to get this miserable bolt off without it is more than

Also, I've seen writeups referring to some slotted tool that comes with the
Bilstein struts.  Mine have no such thing (and nothing written in English).
What's the recommended way to put on the Bilstein threaded nut?


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Subject: [s-cars] stock audio and CD changer removed

I've recently removed my entire stock audio system
from my 92 (gamma head, 10-disk).  I've seen a couple
of posts inquiring about CD changers in particular and
just wanted to mention it in case a lister could use
it before i throw it on eBay.  Forgive me for the
selling post, but I get the impression they are hard
to come by.

I have the rest of the system in good shape if anyone
needs particular components, please drop me a note.

Scott S. in Columbus

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