[s-cars] Buzzin'

Chad Clark chadaclark4 at msn.com
Fri Nov 28 22:47:14 EST 2003

My bet is that your car is a '92. If so, you suffer from the dreaded central 
vacuum pump failure. Apparently this failure mode only affected 1992 and 
some early '93 cars, both S4 and 100 models. Graydon Stuckey just went 
through this on his car(I went through this 3 years ago) Drains the battery, 
plays games with your power window switches, eventually battery is dead. 
Anyway, your central vacuum pump resides below the rear seat, right next to 
the battery encased in foam. You'll simply need to find a newer vacuum pump 
from a '94 or later s-car. Let me know if I can be of any more help with 


>From: "tblack" <Tblack5 at cogeco.ca>
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>Subject: [s-cars] Buzzin'
>Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 08:40:30 -0500
>Standing in the garage the other day working on something unrelated to the 
>car and I hear a rapid interupted buzz which lasted a few seconds and 
>stopped. A few minutes later the same thing. I opened the driver's door and 
>the noise seemed to come from the left side of the dash but it stopped 
>before I could determine the location. The battery on start-up yesterday 
>was definitely lacking its usual zipp but started without any hesitation. 
>This morning, same thing, so the battery is being drained. Later, I 
>happened to be in the garage when the buzzing started again and determined 
>that it was coming from the area of the driver's foot rest; took off the 
>panel and the buzzing started again and was coming from a small 1" cubic 
>shaped "relay?" 859 951 254 With 218 stamped on top, also has 12V-20V 50A 
>on it. This buzzing seemed to awaken the large relay marked 441 959 257B 
>which started a rapid clicking, it has 329 on top.
>I have no idea what is causing this peculiar behaviour and would appreciate 
>the list's wisdom in sorting it out. I have not been aware of the buzzes 
>and clicking while driving but that could be because it is muffled by 
>engine/tires and wind noise.
>Any help appreciated.
>Tom Black.
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