[s-cars] Wanted: MAF

Bjørn Eirik Ødegård beernuts at online.no
Sat Nov 29 05:04:57 EST 2003

Thanks for the generous offers, Dan Si. and Mihnea!
As I've checked around, and searched local part stores, I found out that refurbished units are the only ones still available from Bosch! so, I ran the Bosc number instead, and end up with a factory refurbished, full warrantied one for $280! (Guess it's the same as your €270 item, Mihnea, but then I avoid the 25%tax and all the customs hassle..) Hope to get it soon, but the 'limp home mode' is no limp for sure..  full boost, and just as fun, only with about half the fuel mileage..  ;o) 
Thanks to the MTM software, maybe? It _always_ stalls when I cost into a stop, though..

Have a nice weekend, folks!

Bjorn :o) 
'92 S4 MTM (soon-to-be-reMAFfed..)

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As some of you have noticed, my '92 S4 have a defective MAF. (thanks for the tips, all you who responded!)
Soo, I need a new or at least functioning one. As the price for a new MAF in norway is over $1100, and Zygmunt still wants $452, I wonder if anyone have a better price. 
I'm able to pay by Visa or money transfer. (sorry, no paypal.) 
Hopefully, I wont have to pay $200 and get a 200kmiles/60miles-left-MAF, but a sound, low-milage one..


Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4 MTM  K26/k24 hybrid

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