[s-cars] Locking Mechanism

manuel manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sun Nov 30 21:06:30 EST 2003

With all this talk about the Central Locking Mechanism brings a question to mind...My 95.5 has this intermittent problem where I'll lock the doors but when I return to the car all the doors are unlocked. I at first questioned my own  memory, but after many instances where I made a point of watching the doors lock I can definitely say that something is wrong with the system.  This happens in more than one location (i.e., both at work and parked at home). Once I thought of just using the key instead of the remote, but I think it didn't matter whether I used the key or the remote to lock the car.  Shortly after buying the car I took the keyfob into a dealer to have it reprogrammed, because it was not operating any of the locks. The PO didn't mention that he was having any problems with the locks. Any Ideas?



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