[s-cars] Wind noise from drivers door

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sun Nov 30 21:11:16 EST 2003

On Thursday, November 27, 2003, Robert Myers <robert at s-cars.org> sez:
> I am fully aware that proper adjustments are possible and preferable,
> however, that IS the body man's trick.
> At 12:28 PM 11/27/2003 -0800, Gabriel Caldwell wrote:
>> Please DON'T do that.  There is no need to bend.  The window frame is
>> separate from the door and can be adjusted by loosening the four bolts
>> that hold it to the door.

Obviously, all you non-believers, Benley readers, and Archive Hoars  
have never had any body work done in West, By God, Virginia. :-)

Tom "95 S6

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