[s-cars] Please Help! Cable On Top of transmission, how to remove?

Tim Leonard nard1 at voyager.net
Sun Nov 30 21:54:09 EST 2003

I assume  a pre '95 S-car? I have recently done a '92. There is a stamped
steel black bracket on the right (passenger) side of the trans held in place
with a single bolt. It runs vertically up and over to top/center of trans
just aft of the cast iron cable snatch bracket that will stay with the
transmission. Remove the black bracket. Leave the cast iron bracket. Also
you must remove the two bolts (one in each rod) holding the rear shift rods
to the forward/front shift rods. Be sure to mark and note the position of
these two so you won't need to make adjustments upon reassembly. With the
black bracket removed the cables can be lifted up and out of the way for
removal of the transmission. It is not necessary to remove the cables at
all. Hope this gets to you in time to be of value.
Tim Leonard
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> Hey guys,
> I'm in the process of removing my transmission right now. There's a cable
> wrapped around some part of the transmission. I cannot pull the
> back without removing this cable.
> How do I remove it?
> Paul
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