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> In my case, I took the strut out and took it and a new bearing to an
> automotive machine shop. They charged me $35 to change the bearing.
> Gary
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>> Thanks for the many responses that I have received on this problem.  
>> My
>> next question is:  Is there a write-up on how to change the wheel
>> bearing?  How much of a shade tree job is this or should I have a 
>> dealer
>> do it?  Any special tools required?
>> Jerry Scott
>> 93 S4 w/62K

You will have to have a substantial Hydraulic press with appropriately 
sized dies  to remove and install the bearings, so Gary's approach is 
probably the diy proceedure most of us will have to follow.   Removing 
the hub/strut assembly is some work, but straight-forward.  I would 
just look at sway-bar/control arm bushings and cv joint boots if needed 
and buy the bearing kits with new bolts/nuts for reassembly.

Tom '95 S6

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