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Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
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Further clarification on 3K turbochargers
Specification numbers below are different than part numbers.

K04   2075 EACAA 4.82  1.8T upgrade has a 3K part number 5304 970 0015
K04   2075 EAC   4.82  1.8T  230hp version for 1.8T
NOTICE the inducer on these is a whopping 75%
K24   2672 GGC  6.12  the RS2 turbo.

K24 refers to the turbine housing or HOT side
	Has NOTHING to do with the cold side.
	2672 refers to the COMPRESSOR wheel
	   26 times 2.54 gives the exducer diameter in mm = 66mm
	     72 give the size of the inducer as 72 % of the exducer
		GGC  refers to the configuration
		  6.12 refers to the size of the turbine in the K24
		  6.11 different turbine for RS2
		  6.13 even more different for RS2
K26   2664 CA   6.95  the specifications for the 100/200/5000 turbo

K26 	turbine housing
  2664 26 x 2.54 = 66mm is the same as the RS2 but inducer is 64% of
     6.95 	indicates a larger turbine wheel than the RS2
Here is one I like for most higher end upgrades
K26   3072 GD   8.11

And on my new urS4:
K26   3472 HHB 10.91
	You can figure out the exducer and inducer on this baby.

And then to stir the pot. . .
K27.2 A three bolt mounting for Porsche type


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Mark, the triple-K terminology can be described as follows:

-53xx where xx is 24/26/27/28/29/32 and so on, relates to the bigger
diameter of the compressor wheel in inches, a K24 is 2.4 inches if I'm
mistaken and so on.

-970 or 988 is the middle group that is unrelated

-xxyy where xx is the ratio between the bigger diameter of the
wheel (i.e. the part that lays flat agains the compressor's backing
and the smaller one (i.e. the diameter on the compressor inlet side). yy
seems to be unrelated, possibly related to the turbine trim but I'm not
sure so I won't speculate.

Thus, a 5324 970 7000 is a K24 turbo where the compressor wheel has a
A 5324 970 (988 for most recent ones) 7200 is a K26 turbo (although the
part number doesn't say it) from the Audi 80 avant RS2 where the
wheel has a ratio of 72%.
72% is the biggest ratio that's available from triple K BTW, which means
you'll never get a K26 73xx or 74xx compressor for instance.

The RS2 turbo is strange because its part number indicates it as being a
K24 turbo, although almost all (if not all) parts inside are K26, BTDT
disassembled one myself recently.

Thus, a K24 6080 has a 60% ratio compressor, IMO worse than a 7000
UrS4, UrS6, S2, 200q20v, Urq-20v, MC-2)

For the K27 family for instance, the sport quattro K27 has a 6486
compressor (I'm holding it in my hands) but some Porsches got a 70xx and
72xx compressor.

This has been explained to me by one of the engineers working for
warner's official importer in Belgium, he might be wrong, in which case
stand corrected, but I think he is right, I've already measured and did
math myself on a stock AAN K24, 200 10v MC-1 K26, RS2 K26 and SQ K27 and
all of them were correct.



At 23:53 24/09/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi group..
>Does anyone really understand the KKK numbering system.
>For instance a K26 is physically bigger than a k24 right,
>But what is a 5324 970 7000 - our K24's
>vs. 5324 970 7001 or 7200 for that matter.
>going to a k24 with say a 6080 , this should be smaller than the 7000
>correct ?
>I am just curious to try to compare turbos between manufacturers.
>Trying to do my homework so to speak.
>Mark S
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