[s-cars] Stopping - Tire patch questions

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Thu Oct 2 19:08:12 EDT 2003

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I was going to reply to this post. This rolling skid is known as incipient
skid. In a former life I was a T-38/F-5(12000 lbs with 2 very skinny tires)
instructor pilot for the Air Force. During an aborted takeoff or stopping on a
short runway we were to use this incipient skid to stop the airplane. The
antiskid system was of late 60's vintage and as such would not reapply the brakes if
the antiskid fired. You had to release and then reapply the brakes to once
again gain braking action. We used to ask our bosses if we could go out and
practice this incipient skid. They of course turned us down stating that we might
break something.

Why would I put up with a bad braking aircraft you ask. You only spend a
couple of seconds stopping an aircraft like this vs an hour and a half of fully
aerobatic, supersonic, +8/-3 g flight. Now you're talkin.

Hap, rememberin fondly in Everboost, Maguire

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