[s-cars] ignition problem.

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A recent experience of mine may help, or it could be just coincidence. I
recently replaced the starter in my 200 20V. Shortly afterward, on
occasion when turning the key, nothing would happen. Turn it again once
or twice, it would start. Crap.., I must have gotten a faulty rebuilt
starter, I thought. Then someone at work, suggested I spray contact
cleaner in the ignition switch. Now, I have no idea what the inside of
the ignition switch looks like, but a spray with Wurth Contact OL (I
have had really good results with this stuff) and the car has not
exhibited this problem since...coincidence? You decide.  HTH

94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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hi all,

sure enough, i think i have it under control and woke up this morning to
the avant not wanting to turn over at all. plenty of voltage (all
electrical components come on) but starter will not turn over at all. I
know some people have traced this lately to fuel filter or corroded
connectors and i am wondering if i could have corroded connection @ the
ignition switch. Sound close? of course, "everything was fine last
night" and that story and there were no traces of a strange start
yesterday. thanks to all who may be of assistance.


matt ludwig.

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