[s-cars] Increase ride height with Bilstein & H&R?

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Shocks are not intended to raise a car, but they do in fact add a little to the ride height when you install gas-presurrized shocks where there were originally hydraulics  (BTDT with a GTI, a 200q, and a V8).

Sport and HD have the same damping rate, however they have different length shafts internally.  That is why HD is for stock springs and Sport is for lowering springs.  In this case "HD" and "Sport" are really nothing more than marketing terms.


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Last I knew, shocks don't raise your car up. (that is assuming
you're installing shocks designed for your suspension travel)

Because you want more ground clearance, go with standard height
springs and non-Sport shocks.

Steve Powers

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>  Hi,
>  I've got a 95 S6 with H&R springs (supposed to lower ~1.5
>  inches).  The struts are shot, and I just discoverd that the
>  they are still stock (oops). So I am putting on Bilstein's
>  ASAP.  My question is should I get the 'sport' or the 'heavy
>  duty'.  I understand that the sports are usually better for
>  lowered cars, but what is the real difference?  Also, my car
>  measures only about 24.5 to 25 inches from ground to fender,
>  as opposed to the 25.75 - 26 inch measurement mentioned at
>  http://www.urs4.com/technical/suspension.>  html.
>  Does this
>  mean that simply putting on new Bilstein
>  sports will raise my car back up an inch?  How do the 'heavy
>  duty' Bilsteins effect the ride height?
>  I would really like more ground clearance.  I notice that
>  with the Eibach setup it is standard to use a 10mm spacer to
>  raise the rear back up to level.  I understand this isn't
>  required for H&R, but is it possible to use spacers front
>  and back and gain another 10mm of ground clearance and still
>  maintain the spring rate & handling?
>  It looks like I have to modify my camber plates, and I found
>  an excellent write-up on the procedure.  Any experience on
>  how long the whole strut swap / modify camber plates usually
>  takes, start to finish?
>  Thanks!!
>  Ed
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