[s-cars] New ECU Chips from Mihnea - My 2 Cents

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> I sense some friendly chip-fueding brewing here....
> Doug L


That is not my intention and personally I don't promote or sell any of my own
code. The only chips I have sold are originals (not copies) that I have
purchased from other tuners or acquired by purchasing ECUs for hardware development
that were collecting dust .... There are many excellent choices in tuning
code and I am not in the business of competing with my customers and/or
potentially customers ... which essentially covers all tuners.

My point really is a check engine light is not acceptable and should not
simply be ignored. I have heard of EPROM issues related to the electrical
characteristics of the device - I was not implying there was something wrong with the
code just maybe the hardware. It seems highly unlikely that it is a coding
issue based on the number of chips and positive revues out there ...

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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