[s-cars] Custom KKK K26 (Ersatz RS2) Turbo from Innovative Turbo

Lewis, Gary M gary.m.lewis2 at boeing.com
Mon Oct 20 10:56:41 EDT 2003

This isn't simply a stock K26 with a compressor change.  It is also the machining to basically cut off the cold side intake (about 44mm, the OD is too small to bore it to the proper spec, ~50mm), put on a 50mm intake, machine the inside of the cold side housing to accept a larger compressor, then spec a compressor to fit both the larger intake (44 mm vs. 50 mm) and the larger machined backside of the cold side housing.  The machining is where all the money is.  He puts the housings in a CNC machine.  It is a lot of work.  It is a completely different turbo than putting a larger compressor wheel in a stock K26 cold side with the 44 mm intake.  I'd equate it to being the upgrade to a K26 in the same vein that the RS2 is an upgrade to the K24.

The primary reasons for this turbo's creation was:
1. I wanted something that bolted straight in.
2. I couldn't find an RS2
3. I was hearing about reliability issues with the T04E's, esp. at high boost levels.  Like death at 50,000 miles.

It really fits the bill.

Gary Lewis

1995.5 S6 Avant, Green/Ecru, RS2 MAF, RS2 Exhaust Manifold, RS2 Injectors, Custom Turbo (K26 Turbine, Factory K26 Cold side (Audi Works '999' P/N) with 50mm intake and custom Innovative Turbo compressor wheel), Bilsteins, Eibachs, Big Reds.

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> Kevin at Majestic Turbo has been installing larger compressor
> wheels in  K26's for years and for a lot less money. I had
> one on my 4000 turbo, and it worked great, although I never
> ran more than 18psi boost. I haven't seen a compressor map
> for this turbo, but it's hard to believe it can run
> efficiently at 29psi. I considered fitting this turbo to my
> mostly stock S4, but other listers have reported that the lag
> is unacceptable at this altitude (5000+ ft).
> I do know that the T04E hybrid I have on my 944T spools
> quicker than the K27/6 it replaced and up top, there is no
> comparison. But again, this is only at 16psi (well within the
> turbo's optimal efficiency range), as it's not a good idea to
> set the boost much higher on the 944T's.
> Gary
> '92 S4 (for sale cheap)
> '89 951
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> >Hi Audifans,
> >Innovative turbo has a new turbo design that is for sale.
> The owner and
> >operator of Innovative Turbo has been working diligently
> with me to produce
> >a turbo for the Audi 20vt motor.  I upgraded my motor to Bob
> Pastore Spec
> >(tm), but I couldn't find a stock RS2 turbo, regardless of
> price.  A lister
> >from back East (I'm in Los Angeles) suggested calling
> Innovative.  I did and
> >told them my goal was same or better performance as the RS2
> turbo, same or
> >better reliability, and straight bolt in ability.
> >
> >I went over to the shop (like 15-20 miles away from my
> house, nice.)  First
> >thing I see when I walk in the shop is an Inconel exhaust
> manifold for a
> >20vt5cyl lying on the bench, an Audi factory race-works K27,
> and a host of
> >other Audi stuff.  Turns out the owner (Ola) is a real Audi
> buff.  There are
> >turbo race cars (track and drag) all over the shop.  Awesome
> place, a turbo
> >racers wet dream.
> >
> >Anyway...
> >
> >What Ola suggested was to take a water-cooled K26 from
> 1986-1989 5000/200TQ
> >fame, open up the cold side inlet to 48-50 mm size, with
> some additional
> >machining to add a larger cold-side compressor wheel.  He
> did this for a
> >944t customer and the guy was blown away at the difference
> in performance.
> >
> >We did so, and it bolted straight into my 1995.5 S6 wagon.
> Performance is
> >spectacular.  I'm getting 26 PSI in the 3,400 to 3,600
> range, with hard
> >pulls to 7,000 RPM.  The turbo just doesn't give up.  I'm
> seeing 29 PSI in
> >4th and 5th.  What the larger cold-side housing and
> compressor wheel does
> >vs. the RS2 (in Ola's turbo language) is "upgrade the stock
> K26 to RS2+
> >spec, with better than RS2 efficiency and better delta P
> across the engine".
> >
> >I let Ola drive the finished product, and he said it was a
> good trade off
> >vs. the T04E/K26-8, especially considering the attraction of
> the bolt in
> >ability.  More low-end, and pretty close top end
> performance.  The number 8
> >exhaust of the hybrid is really nice on the top-end, but it makes the
> >transient boost more dramatic (nothing or everything) than
> the new Turbo I
> >have.  What the new turbo does is build boost smoothly and early.
> >
> >The price he quoted me was $950 with core, or $1,600
> outright.  What you get
> >is rebuilt internals, new compressor wheel, and machined
> cold-side wheel
> >with the exchange option.  Ola's number is 805-526-5400.
> >
> >Huge disclaimer!!!!!  I am NOT an agent for Innovative
> Turbo, and I will not
> >be paid or compensated in any way from this email.  I paid
> them to do my
> >turbo.  In fact, Ola did not even ask me to do this, it was
> my idea.  I'm
> >just a super happy customer.  These guys were great, and
> bent over backwards
> >to help me.  The car would still be parked if it wasn't for
> them.  So if you
> >need an RS2 (or bigger) turbo, super KKK reliability, and
> bolt-in ease, call
> >them.  I highly recommend this turbo.
> >
> >Gary Lewis
> >
> >1995.5 S6 Avant, Green/Ecru, RS2 MAF, RS2 Exhaust Manifold,
> RS2 Injectors,
> >Custom Turbo (K26 Turbine, Factory K26 Cold side (Audi Works
> '999' P/N) with
> >50 mm intake and custom Innovative Turbo compressor wheel),
> Bilsteins,
> >Eibachs, Big Reds.
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