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It's all just money.  Miss Piggy, no matter how tweeked, will get passed by
much lesser cars, in price and HP.  I've gone thru this with several S car
customers.  The reality of tracking an S car is, to make it even "fun" you take
the "family sedan" further from the equation.  When you say it's "more of a
track car" Robert, that is AT the expense of it's street car strengths.  When you
do this formula, even with 10 track events a year (that's a LOT), why are you
taking from it's excellent 95% fit for use to make that happen?  When you add
up all the toys, then take it to the track, the risk of NET -0- (that's
totalling out the armco) gets higher and higher.  Don't forget to add insult to
injury, tracks charge you for the armco repair too...

A "different" car can be a 5000tq prepped for the price of those F/R big
reds.  More than a few of us have come to that realization:  Scott J has one in
his shop (2700lbs), Scott M has one in his shop, Bob D (LT1Q was "different") is
prepping one right now....  Different, is buying, strippping, and caging a
4kq, and LEARNING how to drive a quattro.

I too find the motorcycle to be the best bang for buck, it's the only vehicle
I take to the quarter mile track.  I rarely do the superbike track schools
anymore, too many crazies with bad habits and leaking oil...  But I do regularly
take my tired old 83 urq, and chase down massively tweeked S cars at QC track
events, and then come winter, with only a change of wheels and tires, rip up
Steamboat snow and ice.

 I've watched for over 10 years, as the wrestlers of Miss Piggy, throw race
car money at a vehicle that is "different", most coming to the more rational
conclusion that it's the wrong animal all together for the environment.  Not to
put myself out of business.  But I know exactly what the invoices are to keep
miss piggy in battle dress.  S cars are great street cars.  S cars will NEVER
be a great track car, period.

I watch in awe sometimes at what some folks are doing to their cars, to make
miss piggy "better".  I only occasionally see those folks at a track (Keith
Maddock specifically excluded).  When I do, more often than not, it's my opinion
that the money spent on tweeking the animal, might have well been better
spent on training the handler.

My .02

Scott Justusson

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I track Ms Piggy because I like having fun with a vehicle that is different.
The only track events that I see another S6 at are Audi events.  It is fun to
pass dedicated track cars and sports cars at the track with a family sedan,
althought this car has become less of a street car and more of a track car as
the years have gone by.  I also run motorcycles at some of the same tracks,
this is the least expensive way to go fast.



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