Subject: [s-cars] Cruise control?

Joel Rector urs4 at
Thu Oct 23 23:33:45 EDT 2003

Would these vaccuum switches be a reason for the cruise working but but
imporperly?  By that I mean mine will set the first time, but if I break
cruise with the brake and set it again, it sets and slowly accelerates.
If I brake and set it again and again, it accelerates faster each time I
reset.  If I set it and then brake and then hit resume, it goes full
throttle.  If I get it set and then hit the button to go a little bit
faster, it will go full throttle.  It's almost like a vaccum issue in
that it seems to build up after setting, braking, setting, breaking.

I took it to the stealer and they want to charge me $700 to fix it by
way of replacing the main control unit for the cruise.  If anyone has
any other ideas on how to fix it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Any input?


Mike Platt wrote:

>Hi Mike,
>I just fixed mine, with a bit of help from the list I
>might add. My vacumn switch at the clutch had backed
>out of its mount. You'll need to pull out the lowest
>black dash panel under steering wheel. Lay on back, in
>shape of small monkey, and look up at clutch pedal.
>There are two small switches. One on brake, other on
>clutch. When the pedals are released, the switch poles
>should be all the way in. This creates a closed
>circuit. When you press either the brake or clutch,
>pole should extend and break circuit; turing cruise
>off. Check these switches and the lines going to them
>for any cracks.
>Good Luck. HTH
>Mike (already acted like a monkey twice) P
>95.5 S6 avant (with fixed cruise o matic drive)
>Hi all,
>I seem to be having a problem with my cruise control.
>It seems to work
>occasionally.  The last trip I made, I was able to set
>it once, and it
>a steady speed, but after I disengaged it, I couldn't
>get it to work
>and it hasn't worked since.  I'm just wondering if
>there are any common
>problems or obvious things to check.  Right now, I'm
>just looking for a
>place to start.  Any and all advice gladly accepted.
>Mike Parkinson
>Support Analyst
>Martens Support
>SaskTel International
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