[s-cars] RE: Cutoff at 6k rpm

Bjørn Ødegård beernuts at online.no
Tue Sep 2 11:00:34 EDT 2003

A small thought..
The HVAC display have a possibility to show the rpms, why not just
compare to that? (it should after all not be affected by the IC?)

Bjorn  :o)

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> It was Bob who determined that the tach was reading low by
> a factor of 5/6, and first observed that this could be explained
> by a tach that was mistakenly set up for a 6 cylinder engine.
> I happened to be thumbing through the Bentley one day when
> I noticed that the digital odometer cluster could be coded for the
> number of cylinders. At this point Bob's comments immediately
> came to mind. So I hooked up my VAG-COM. and sure enough,
>  it was set to 6 cylinders. I do remember being a little apprehensive
> about hitting the final button to reprogam the cluster, but after a
> beeps all was well.
> Paul
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> > Well I did spend many months off and on going through all sorts of
> > troubleshooting, including rpm/speed/gear mapping to determine the
> was
> > in error, checking engine speed sensors, swapping ECUs, swapping
> and
> > finally swapping instrument clusters to figure out the problem was
> the
> > circuit board in my IC.  Not to mention the cost of a used
> > cluster it turns out I didn't need.  It was Paul who figured out you
> > reset it in 10 minutes including the time it takes to crack open and
> consume
> > a good ale after a job well done.  Arggggh!
> >
> > Bob
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