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Wed Sep 24 15:48:25 EDT 2003

I believe Garrett at one time was, and still is experimenting with
electrically assisted turbochargers using "... ultra high speed electric

For an interesting timeline on turbocharger history & development,
the culmination of which is Geoffrey Kershaw's formation of Turbo Technics
which apparently rapidly ensconced itself as "... the market leader in
performance car turbo design & manufacture..."

Too bad old Geoffrey's turbo technologies aren't readily available (or maybe
they are, we just don't know about it yet) on this side of the Atlantic.


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~I suspect until we are running more pressure in our electrical
~systems. Like the move to 48volts that will be coming in the
~future or even higher voltages.  Such thing are out of the reach
~of efficiencies that can come from there mechanical counterparts.
~Although I wouldn't discount them, electrical superchargers, or
~ancillary systems to boost traditional supercharger/turbochargers
~with electrical motors, I suspect will have there day, IMHO.

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