[s-cars] Connectors cover in FA and looking for a parting car

bob.rossato at att.net bob.rossato at att.net
Sat Apr 3 17:21:12 EST 2004

Vincent wrote:
> Spring is coming and I try to make a list of all the small plastic
> broken parts I’ve been too lazy to replace, like a connectors cover
> fastener. I’ve found most of them in the FA but I can’t find the
> connectors cover on the firewall in the FA to determine if the fastner
> have a specific P/N.

Item # 36 here:

And then Vincent added:
> Going further in the list of small tid’n buts, there is a few other P/N
> I would need:
> - the plastic fastener for the sound deadener (belly pan)
> - the rubber washers which avoid these fastener to fall from the belly
> pan.
> - the bracket these fasteners goes into.

See here:

...though for some reason it doesn't show the two front screws.  And the five dzus fasteners (3 rear, 2 front) are metal.  It's the ones in the fender liners that are plastic.  


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