[s-cars] Hood problems.

James Shackelford James at RoverShack.com
Sat Apr 3 17:22:13 EST 2004

I am having a very bad day.  My other vehicle is a lifted Land Rover
Discovery riding on 35" tires (pretty much dedicated off-road vehicle).
Well, while working on my friends brakes, I had parked the S4 behind the
rover on the street.  We had to run to the shop to get some parts so not
thinking I jumped in the rover (very poor rear vis mind you) and backed into
my S4 ( I usually never park anything behind my truck).  OUCH to say the
least.  Well after drying my tears and beating my self with a dead horse for
being such an idiot, I assesed the damage (picture may be forthcoming).
Broken right headlight lense, damaged hood, and damaged grill.  Call my
insurance company (first claim on my own insurance in 18 years) and plan on
getting a couple estimates next week.  That's my sob story, so on to my
1.  I know I can replace the headlight lamp lense.  The bodyshop will count
the headlight as unrepairable and require replacement of the entire unit,
(what is cost on that usually).  I might take the cash and upgrade to Euro
lights if it's at least half of that cost.  Blau sells a kit ($700ish), any
2.  Hood.  Will a C4 Audi 100 hood fit on the C4 S4.  I know the fenders are
different, what about the hood?  I could get a used hood and get it
repainted if this is a option.
Just looking to save some money.  If it looks like I can fix this for below
my deductable I may close the claim as well.

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