[s-cars] URS4/S6 banners and decals

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Mon Apr 5 14:43:40 EDT 2004

These look a lot like tons of banners I have seen on ebay recently.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Hey everyone-
    Tell me what you think of these, I designed them myself and had a
decal company make them up for me.  I received them quickly and they are
high quality.  If anyone is interested in URS4/S6 or RS2 banners and
decals you can email me for contact info.  Banners are 4'x2' any color
and decals are 8"x5" any color.  I don't work for them or affiliated,
just a happy customer and thought a few others might like these as well.
Now if I could find someone to make an OEM style S-Badge like this, that
would be great!!!
Happy slippery sloping to everyone,
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