[s-cars] AC and Coolant reservoir Q's

Paul Heneghan paul.heneghan at bbc.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 13:42:31 EDT 2004

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 10:58:29 -0400
From: <riff944 at cox.net>

>when the "shop" recently did my t-belt, they needed to drain/re-fill my
>They also said they had a problem re-filling the refrigerant.
>I do not remember reading anywhere that you need to purge the AC system
>when doing the t-belt.

First I've heard of it also!  It might make things a little easier
because there's not much space round there, but it isn't necessary.
Maybe it was a way to charge you for refilling (inadequately from the
sound of it) the AC.

>Car is spilling a little coolant.  Opened the hood yesterday after the
>home.  There was some coolant blowing (spitting actually) past the hose
>clamp on the return line to the reservoir.  The clamp was on tightly
and I
>believe that the nipple there is free of damage, though I did not
remove to
>confirm.  Provided the fitting is OK, I take this to mean that the
>reservoir vent cap is no longer funcitoning?  Is this piece dealer

Highly likely to be a crack at the base of the nipple on the expansion
tank.  Mine is in that state at the moment.  I presumed it was the hose
clamp not gripping tightly enough, so I tightened it, and then replaced
it and I still got some spitting.  If you wiggle the hose back and
forth, you can see the crack open and close.

New expansion tanks aren't expensive - GBP15.50 from Euro Car Parts in
the UK.  I'd replace the cap at the same time - GBP2.50.


p.s. Maybe it's time to find a new mechanic?

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